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Florida horse property for sale.


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Popular Horse Farm Locations

If your dream equestrian property is a working ranch, horse farm, polo or sporting estate, showjumping or evening yard, or racehorse training facility, we invite you to explore this extraordinary collection of properties dedicated to the art of horsemanship. Just as equitation is more than just horseback riding, so too are these equestrian estates more than mere horse farms for sale.

Equestrian Background

When looking for a Realtor to represent you, you want to find someone who has first-hand knowledge of owning and riding horses. They share your passion and live your lifestyle. If you are buying, they will utilize their knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect property, and if you are selling they will know the right marketing strategies to sell your property.

Florida horse property for sale.


Local Connections

The right Equestrian Agent will have the right contacts. They will work in the area that you are looking to buy or sell and will know all of the codes, regulations and zoning rules so that they can answer all of your questions. They are knowledgeable in the local market and will use their experience and expertise to your best interest.

Florida horse property for sale.

Steps to Finding the Right Equestrian Agent and Property

Know what you want in a property (if you’re a buyer). Do you want a property with trails to ride, or is it more important to have a facility for your horses? How many horses do you have? Will you be doing any boarding or breeding? Will you need a private or commercial facility? Know your wants and needs prior to doing anything else.

Do your due diligence. Research different Agents and interview more than one. Ask about their designations and equestrian experience. Ask about their experience and knowledge with horse properties and the local market in general. Do they know the local rules and regulations when it comes to environmental issues, property use restrictions, how many animals are allowed per acre on the property, etc.? Find out if they own horses and if they have any testimonials of previous clients. Also ask what kind of contacts they have—such as a lender that covers financing for a farm.

If you need help finding the best equine vets or farriers in the area, or arranging transport for your equine partners, or building a network of knowledgeable equine professionals in your new area, the agents of Florida’s Equestrian Living will be with you every step of the way. And it doesn't stop there.

Find a local Rural Property Lender. Make sure you speak to the right lender who is familiar with horse and farm properties. It’s a little harder to get financing for homes with land in rural areas than it is to finance a home in the city.


Plan ahead. Once it is time to begin looking at properties, think of your future or long-term needs.

If you plan on expanding later, make sure you have the acreage to do so. Do you need to be close to horse-friendly trails, or maybe you are looking for a property with your own trails?

Pay attention to how far the location is from your work if you work outside of the home. You can always make changes to the property or add on/remodel, but you cannot ever change the locality so make sure you LOVE the location.

Walk the property so you know the quality of the soil. Make sure it is good soil for your horses to graze.

Check the water supply on the property and make sure the water access is good to get the water to the trough for your horses.

It may prove difficult to find the perfect land, perfect home AND perfect barn, so decide what is most important and tweak the rest as you are able to. Usually due to regulations, the barn is most important. You can always renovate the home if it isn’t perfect.

Once you find the right Agent, the rest should be a piece of cake. Focus on asking potential Agents the right questions and plan accordingly to make sure you find the right space for you and your horses. Your Agent will make sure you find the right location, acreage, layout and zoning for your specified use while also helping you find the perfect home and barn in the process.

It is extremely helpful to use a knowledgeable equestrian real estate agent who knows what to look for and what your horses will require. This usually means using a REALTOR® who owns horses and rides and works with them on a regular basis.

 Florida horse property for sale.

If you are a "horse person", then you want your REALTOR ® to locate suitable properties on your behalf. A small 5 acre property, heavily wooded, with a steep slope down the back side, is not what a horse needs. Many properties in our area have unusable acreage and knowing this can save you valuable time.

We check all parcels for FEMA flood plain designations and keep buyers informed!

If you are new to our area, or a Florida resident, be sure to take a look at my new All Things Equine Business Directory located on the VENDOR tab.


Services and Support

Florida’s equestrian properties specialists are full-service agents. This means they do more than help you buy or sell your property; they will customize their service to fit your needs. They also have access to and personal relationships with a vast directory of trusted equine professionals in the area.

If you need help finding the best equine vets or farriers in the area, or arranging transport for your equine partners, or building a network of knowledgeable equine professionals in your new area, the agents of Florida’s Equestrian Living will be with you every step of the way. And it doesn't stop there.

Our agents strive to provide you with ongoing support, building lasting relationships based on a mutual love of all things equine.

Florida horse property for sale.

Equestrian Property Specialist

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We understand that horse owners have special needs when it comes to finding the right horse property. Selecting the right location is the first step and no better place to start than Lake County Florida. There are a few select areas in Sarasota, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Hernando, Manatee, Collier and Lee counties that Equestrian Estates can be found but these location require a professional to guide you towards the right property.  Glen Bigness and the Bigness Realty Group knows these areas and can help you in your horse property search.  Feel free to call me at 239-272-4663 with any questions, being a horse owner myself I will be able to guide you in the right direction and help you in making a smart choice when it comes to shopping for the perfect Florida horse property.

We provide valuable information on Parcel location including FEMA Flood Plain Maps, Property Aerials, Elevation Certificates’, DEP Reports, Property Survey, Community HOA info, Trail Maps, Large Animal Vets, Hay and Feed Suppliers, Fencing Contractors, Land Clearing-Grading, Barn Builders and more.



It is crucial to a seller that they get the absolute most exposure to their listing to get the best price possible. Allowing for received funds so they can purchase, invest, build in the next property.

You can select any agent to list your home on the MLS and hope that another agent brings you a buyer; this is what is called a "Passive Listing" In today's cut throat Real Estate market you need more than just a Passive Approach to not only sell your home but get you the absolute Top Dollar.

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Key Aspects to Consider:

How soon do I want to sell my property?

Statistics show the narrower the gap between the asking price and my estimate of value, the sooner an offer will come in. First 30 days is crucial for showings and written offers on new properties…

A Winning Marketing Plan



Attract thousands of qualified buyers to view your property

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Our Marketing Plan in Details:

·        Price your home to be competitive in today's market

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·        Facilitating the transaction from contract to close with NO surprises!

Florida Horse Property