Golf Communities in Naples, Florida

Naples Equity Golf Communities

Naples Equity golf communities require a onetime payment for the Golf Membership fee and you will also be required to pay annual membership dues. The membership fee, in most equity communities, will be refunded upon resale to an agreed percentage advertised at the time of purchase. There is also a Social membership that may be available that provides limited golf play.

See the details for each community under “Golf Membership”. Equity Golf Memberships can range from 15K to 250K depending on the exclusivity of the golf community. For those looking for the best in Naples Golf Real Estate and quality golf play time an Equity Golf Community would be your preference.

Naples Bundled Golf Communities

Naples Bundled golf communities do not require a membership fee. Your golf and social membership is included in the sale of the property. You will be required to pay the annual membership dues. See the details for each community under “Golf Membership”. Upon sale of the property the full membership passes along to the next buyer.

For those looking for a more cost effective approach to a Naples Golf Lifestyle the Bundled Golf Communities would be your preference. There are many high quality Bundled Golf Communities in Naples.

For area information and professional service call me at (239) 272-4663 to schedule a private viewing of any one of these bundled luxury golf real estate listings. You may also provide me with a detailed real estate search criteria and I will send you all property listings that match your criteria.